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My name is Eljilani Hmouda. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems from the University of Utara in Malaysia in 2008. My Bachelor’s degree is in computer science from Sabha University in Libya. Currently, pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at Nova Southeastern University.

I am working as an Instructional Designer at Nova Southeastern University since August 2016 in Davie, Florida. I hired as a Lecturer Assistant in the computer science department at College of Science in 2009. I have held positions at Sabha University in the Computer Center as a Manager of Web Development, consultant and designer of the university’s website in 2008, and as an Engineering Technical Support in 2004. I have taught several courses in computer science to undergraduates. My years of supervising various projects at the University, as well as my teaching experience, have provided me with the necessary experience that would enable me to contribute positively.

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